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About Angelica

Angelica Sirotin is a Founder, Venture Entrepreneur and Strategic Global Advisor on emerging technologies, economics, digital trends & marketing strategies. She is President of Sirotin Ventures, a strategic advisory firm that aids early seed-stage startups & SMEs with digital/social media marketing campaigns and fundraising objectives, such as establishing connections with investors and crafting pitch decks. Angelica is also AP/Business Director/Ventures Analyst & Digitalization Policy Advisor to Going Global Ventures, a New York-based investment, technology, and strategic advisory firm dedicated to leading high-growth tech clients to success in the global digital economy. GGV advises large global enterprises & brands in the U.S, EU, South America & Japan - collaborates with leading investment organizations & private wealth focused on digitalization and AI. 

Angelica is Co-Founder of Digital Pioneers Network, (DPN) a community-based Think Tank made of AI thought leaders, innovators, policy makers, entrepreneurs and world-renowned experts providing exclusive insights, research and info on AI and digitalization across sectors from policy to enterprise. DPN represents the likes of NASDAQ, Bloomberg, Microsoft & UN. She is also a member of the World Economic Forum's AI Youth Council and is Representative Member Deputy of the B20 Italy 2021 Digital Transformation Taskforce. She is also a 2017 recipient of the National Academy of Future Scientists and Technologists Award of Excellence. 

Angelica is one of few voices providing policy recommendations from a Gen Z perspective on digital transformation, education and economics. She has been published in InformationWeek Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, The Hill Magazine, The Gifted Education Review, and has delivered keynotes to organizations like the UK Parliament's House of Lords and SwissCognitive, among others. She is creator of The Angelica Factor magazine which provides digital-forward insights for the public & private sector, focusing primarily on AI Solutions from Estonia - the worlds first fully digitalized nation, with 99% of public sector services available online. 

Formerly Founder & CEO, Alpine Esports Rocket League organization acquired at 5x realized return. She has served as advisor on esports strategy, including team & investment acquisition negotiations, business plans & organizational policy, strategic partnerships & sponsorships. Her leadership prior to acquisition enabled Alpine transform into one of the most sought-after, pro Rocket League esports teams in the U.S.

About Logan

Logan Romero is an emerging Digital & AI Economy investor and Financial Due Diligence expert. He covers and actively manages technology holdings in a 10M+ investment fund through the University of St. Thomas.


Logan’s research is centered around global businesses located in major tech hubs like the Baltic Sea Region, Europe, UAE, and US within various technology verticals, including IT Security, Cloud / Data Center Infrastructure, Telco, Digital Twins, Industry 5.0, and Engineering Software, among others. 


He has recently been brought on as an Analyst at Great North Ventures, an early-stage VC firm based out of the Twin Cities that invests in breakthrough technologies that looks to innovate their respective industries’ legacy processes.