Angelica Sirotin

Angelica Sirotin is a leading Gen Z thought leader and digitalization expert, Venture Entrepreneur, Founder, and Advisor. She is Associate Partner to, and Business Director, Ventures Analyst, and Official Gen Z Digitization Policy Advisor, of Going Global Ventures, Executive Producer and Co-founder of the Digital Pioneers Dialogue Podcast, and Co-founder of the Digital Pioneers Network.


Angelica is also the Executive Producer and Co-host of the Digital Pioneers Dialogue podcast, a show featuring insights from top global AI leaders, highlighting incredible personalities from leading organizations, such as the United Nations, VCs, major enterprises like Lloyd’s Bank, Bloomberg, and Microsoft, as well as world renowned AI researchers including Dr. Roman V. Yampolskiy. Moreover, the Digital Pioneers Network (DPN) is a community-based Think Tank of hundreds of artificial intelligence thought leaders, innovators, policy makers, entrepreneurs and world-renowned experts. The contributions of these individuals, manifested through the DPN, plays a critical role in the acceleration of global digital transformation, the reinvention of the digital economy and the elevation of humanity. DPN provides exclusive insights, research and information from the world’s top minds, including premier CTOs, CDOs and CEOs, on AI and digitalization across sectors from policy to enterprise.  


Angelica is a Gen Z Venture Mentor to UpNext Education Accelerator, the first ever Cross-Cultural Online Accelerator for Gen Z entrepreneurs. She is also a 2017 recipient of the National Academy of Future Scientists and Technologists Award of Excellence. 


Angelica is one of the select few pioneering voices providing novel insights on Gen Z in the critical areas of digital transformation, education, and the future of work. Her insights on digital transformation have previously been published in InformationWeek Magazine and The Hill Magazine, and she has delivered a keynote address as the youngest ever and first speaker on Gen Z, AI and Reinventing the Global Economy as part of a SwissCognitive conference, one of the world’s leading AI hubs.


Angelica has been involved in a number of digital endeavors, and was the former Founder and CEO Alpine Esports, a premier Minneapolis-based professional Rocket League esports organization that was acquired by a Minneapolis-based serial entrepreneur and esports tycoon. She serves as an advisor on esports strategy, including team acquisition negotiations and investment acquisitions, business plans and organizational policy, and strategic partnerships and sponsorships. Her leadership prior to acquisition enabled Alpine Esports to transform into one of the most sought-after, professional Rocket League esports teams in the United States. 

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Gen Z Digitalization Expert, Venture Entrepreneur, Executive Producer, Co-Founder Digital Pioneers Network

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