4 Pro-Tips To Get Your Business TikTok-ing!

Time's TikTok-ing away for your business to experience the amazing benefits of this platform!

I never, ever imagined that I would ever become a part of the TikTok community… until I did. Like many individuals and business professionals, I once viewed TikTok as a massive virtual heap of nonsensical memes and teen-made amateur music videos. But once I began reading various blogs on the insane organic marketing power of the platform, and witnessing big-name celebrities like Gary Vaynerchuk hit the Tok, I was persuaded to follow suite. Not to mention that the app has some 500 million users worldwide, and was “the most downloaded app for Apple in Q1 2018.”

It’s safe to say that I’ve become a huge fan of TikTok. My enthusiasm speaks from my newfound experience: a single video that I posted received 500 views in under 2 minutes. I was stunned. And then it dawned on me––there is enormous potential here for wide-scale organic business marketing. Now it’s your turn to experience the fun: I’m going to let you in on my top 5 TikTok for business pro-tips. Let’s go!

1. Unleash your creativity

When I first got on TikTok, I was taken aback by the amount of unique content that I came across. I discovered clever stop-motion-animation footage on one account, an interactive cooking channel on another account, and a variety of fun DIY videos. This is the kind of content that receives the highest organic exposures rates on TikTok, so keep that in mind when posting. Stay original, and be yourself!

2. Leverage the platform’s built-in editing features

TikTok comes with a variety of features that can spruce up any ordinary video footage, everything from special effects to custom music beats and professional transitions. Forget wasting money on video-editing when it comes to this platform. You’ll soon find yourself making near top-tier content thanks to the platform’s built-in functions. Moreover, users care more about the originality of your content than your fancy editing abilities. Remember: uniqueness is your #1 advantage.

3. Turn hashtags into your best friend

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: hashtags are your hidden key to business success. A hashtag effectively serves as a specific key for TikTok’s search algorithm to find, unlock, and unleash your content to the proper niche audiences. The more specific your hashtags are, the more on-point your target marketing will be, hence enabling you to cater your product/service appropriately. For example, if you are advertising a coffee product, the hashtag “#icedcoffeelover” will have a more niche follower base than something broad like “#coffee”, and you will get more product engagements that way. Bottom line: don’t neglect hashtags!

4. Partner with Influencers

You’d be surprised by the amount of influencers on TikTok. These people have hundreds of thousands to millions of followers, who check up on their celebs’ content religiously. You would be a fool not to reach out to influencers in an effort to market your product. Play it safe by starting with micro influencers (i.e–those in the thousands of followers zone), and then slowly work your way up to the big-names. Who knows, you might be a sensation overnight!

My TikTok journey has only just begun, and I’m excited to see where my business experiments on the platform will take me. Rest assured, I will continue to post subsequent TikTok content on my magazine, and I hope that this information will serve of great use to you. Now get out there, and get moving on the platform––time’s TikTok-ing.

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