China’s “Health Silk Road” Points Us To A Dangerous Time For Civilization

Just recently, China announced that it would aid Europe in fending off the COVID-19 pandemic by ushering in a “Health Silk Road.” It would take a fool not to realize that this proclamation by the Chinese has its motives rooted in world domination. Let us not forget the history of the actual Silk Road, which kicked off many of the great advancements of civilization. The ancient trade route linked China with the West, and supplied the world with various goods, such as wool and gold. As a result of this structure, historians today point to China as the great catalyst of innovation in the ancient world, and a vital force that influenced civilization.

Today’s situation is no different. At this very moment in time, the world as we know it is collapsing. This pandemic, which undeniably originated in China, has crippled our system of governance, our way of life, and has strained nearly every resource imaginable. As a result of this, we must push ourselves to innovate, or risk annihilation. This is a matter of survival, and when the circumstance is so, biology pushes us to adapt or die. Just like in the time of the 18th century industrial revolution, we are undergoing another major technological shift as we begin to focus all of our attention on AI, machine learning, and similar innovations in order to survive and accelerate progress in killing this disease.

But mark my words: China will spearhead this global transformation in civilization unless it is defeated. Just as the ancient Chinese dynasties were able to pave their way into Europe during the time of the Silk Road, so too will the communist regime sweep the continent in a tightening grip until it swallows it whole. Now more than ever, history is repeating itself. China has always been bent on domination since the time of the emperors, and it will return to its dynastic glory if the regime is not curbed.

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