“Cloud Clothing” is The Next Big Thing in VC, Thanks to Coronavirus.

Today, I'm going to make a prediction about the next big VC bandwagon, inspired by the current Coronavirus environment. It’s what I like to call “Cloud Clothing” — an industry that will enable consumers to experience fashion via AR/VR, and purchase clothing/accessories directly from retailers online, cutting out the brick-and-mortar component entirely from the shopping experience.

The emergence of AR/VR in the fashion industry isn’t entirely new. For example, I recall when I first read about AR/VR screens in Japan that enabled consumers to try on clothing via a virtual avatar of themselves. And YouTube’s has already embedded AR/VR features for cosmetics.

But I’m pushing this idea a step further. Cloud Clothing isn’t just about going to a store and avoiding the pain of having to try things on due to AR/VR mirrors–it’s about not having to go to the store period, and bringing the mall to your bedroom instead. This also solves the whole social distancing problem.

Now, I don’t know about you, but do you truly know anyone (besides maybe experience-loving Millennials), who enjoy wasting time in fitting room lines along with the added irritation of changing outfits every minute? Hmm… funny… I don’t seem to know any fans either.

As you can see, at present, the retail experience isn’t entirely optimal; however, thanks to the changing nature of technology (and circumstances), the shopping experience can be made more enjoyable, optimal, and fun.

Fun will be essential to the Cloud Clothing industry in terms of revenue. Imagine you’re broke or bored and you want to try on a new pair of Nikes? Well, with subscription based Cloud Clothing apps, you can! The amusement facet of Cloud Clothing will bring a new era of entertainment to consumers, and could rack in millions if not billions of dollars in revenue.

Anyway... that's my two-cents on the issue. I hope this article was a fun read, and inspired some hope surrounding Coronavirus venture-related endeavors.

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