Estonia Social Entrepreneurship Solutions Some of Most Advanced in World

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Estonia has 6 times more startups than the average European country, earning it the top 3 rank in Europe for startups per capita. What’s more, these startups aren’t just your run-of-the-mill SaaS companies or AI solutions. Social Entrepreneurship is where Estonia leads, and the nation boasts a variety of impressive startups that aim to do social good. Indeed, from the nation’s very founding, Estonia has been committed to the betterment of its citizenry. This is evident in Estonia’s Digital Society and digitalization approach that enables easy access for all to all public services. Today, I will provide a backdrop of interesting Estonian social entrepreneurship solutions that earn it a top rank in the world.

1. eAgronom

The first Estonia Social Entrepreneurship startup is eAgronom. eAgronom is an intuitive farm management system that allows farmers with a low tech skill to plan, manage and analyze their activities in one place in the simplest possible way. We bring existing, complex technologies to farmers within an intuitive UI. We take pride in being extremely customer-focused and completely data-driven. We believe in helping farmers around the world to grow high-quality grain in a profitable and sustainable way.

2. Lift99

This initiative is a great example of Estonia social entrepreneurship. From founders to founders, LIFT99 helps startup entrepreneurs and bright minds from all over the world to elevate their businesses with the necessary know-how, network, and support. We are set to transform the way founders share expertise, learn, and grow.

3. Elcogen

Next on the Estonia social entrepreneurship list is Elcogen, one of the leading European developers and manufacturers of solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC/SOEC) technology. SOFC is the world's most efficient hydrogen technology used in power production and storage applications. Elcogen technology enables it's partners to deliver power production and power storage solutions to the mass market addressing zero emission as well as hydrogen society challenges.

4. RebelRoam

Lastly, another great example of an Estonian social entrepreneurship solution is RebelRoam. RebelRoam is disrupting passenger connectivity by making Wi-Fi faster for travellers and less expensive for transportation companies around the world.

5. Salv

Salv is an anti-money laundering, crime-fighting platform built by the creators of TransferWise and Skype’s compliance. Salv gives companies the flexibility and speed they need to get ahead of today’s financial criminals.

To Conclude

Estonia has one of the most advanced social entrepreneurship scenes in the world. This fact is becoming more clear as the world becomes more and more digitized over time.

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