6 Unique Estonian AI DeepTech Companies

From fighting Deepfakes to behavioral biometric authentication, these 6 unique Estonian AI DeepTech Companies are revolutionizing Cybersecurity and Protection in the Digital Age.

1. Sentinel

Sentinel works with governments, media, and defense agencies to help protect democracies from disinformation campaigns, synthetic media, and information operations by developing state-of-the-art AI detection platform.

2. Keystroke DNA

Keystroke DNA is a behavioral biometric authentication service that employs keystroke dynamics by analyzing a user's typing rhythm to create a unique biometric profile. Based on the individual's typing patterns, Keystroke DNA's algorithm verifies each sign-in attempt to guarantee that access is granted to only the genuine accountowner.

Keystroke DNA can be used as a secondary means of authentication, as a fraud prevention mechanism, and for retrospective identity analysis. Offered as a service, it can be conveniently integrated into any web application with just a few lines of code.

3. Hive.id

Hive Identity, backed by Startup Wise Guys, was founded with a simple guiding mission: to make identity easy and secure. Since 2019, the company has been delivering against that goal, connecting a person’s online and real-world identities and letting them authenticate to services effortlessly and without passwords. The company’s Modern IdentityPlatform helps organizations of all sizes to drive down fraud risk at onboarding and beyond.

4. Cyex

Cyex develops an AI-based tool that generates personalized cybersecurity exercises with a special focus on cyber threat specifics for its clients.

5. eID Easy

eID Easy is a SAAS solution provider of Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES) and electronic identity.


TRAPMINE Endpoint Protection Platform provides fool-proof defense against malware, exploit attempts, file-less malware, ransomware and other forms of targeted attacks.

Unlike traditional detection-based approaches like legacy antivirus, TRAPMINE combines proven and innovative technologies such as deep learning, behavior monitoring, endpoint

deception and anti-exploit techniques to block cyber threats dead in their tracks.

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