Estonian AI Startup Offers Unique “Lawyer In Your Pocket” Solution; Founder, CEO Interview

Updated: May 10

About is a SaaS-enabled marketplace that makes finding the right, affordable lawyer simple and quick. Just write a question and the AI finds the perfect lawyers for you, each of whom is verified by our expert partners. The platform provides you with a choice of prices to suit your budget and a unique messenger that makes the legal consultation fast and simple. Our innovative dispute resolution system safeguards you in case something goes wrong.

What inspired you to create

Valentin Feklistov, CEO and Founder
Valentin Feklistov, CEO and Founder

Having worked as a lawyer for over 12 years, running many successful projects, I one day came to the realization that the current model in the legal industry is too bureaucratic, and causes great dissatisfaction for those seeking legal help and for lawyers themselves. Bureaucracy doesn’t help anyone – it doesn’t protect clients or give them any extra value, yet it ends up costing them a large amount of money in legal services.

During my experience as a lawyer, I ran an international project in the Baltics (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) and Serbia called Yandex Taxi (which is a giant Russian taxi software company), and even as a specialist with partners everywhere in different countries, I still had difficulties finding legal help in another country and had to spend weeks in research and then establishing relationship within one single project. As for smaller clients, sometimes I faced the situations where law firms tend to neglect smaller clients over larger ones, and apply a lot of bureaucracy to increase costs, which is very frustrating for me as a lawyer because my goal is honesty and empathy. Moreover, none of these bureaucratic steps bring any profit to society or the legal education of people. Finally, many people can’t afford legal help exactly due to the bureaucratic and legal situation. This is a problem that needs to be solved, this is what was confirmed during our customer development process, and that is what inspired me to launch this project and to build my team.

From the left to the right: Alex Bitskov, COO and Co-Founder; Valentin Feklistov, CEO and Founder; Jevgeni Kapparov, CSA and Senior Developer; Jevgeni Shupilov, CIO and Lead Developer; Ilja Bugrejev, CMO.
From the left to the right: Alex Bitskov, COO and Co-Founder; Valentin Feklistov, CEO and Founder; Jevgeni Kapparov, CSA and Senior Developer; Jevgeni Shupilov, CIO and Lead Developer; Ilja Bugrejev, CMO.

Another aspect to mention is that our goal is not to replace lawyers with AI. Instead, wants to empower solo practitioners so that they can extend their services to hard-to-reach clients, and serve their interests. We want to help our clients become more legally aware of the situation of their legal remedies as well. Only 1 in 3 people understand that their problems have legal remedies, which is an insane statistic. In the US, for example, people may use lawyers for all purposes; however, in the EU, the mentality is different. People tend to be more independent and sometimes think that they can deal with everything by themselves, which will probably lead to big consequences. is centered around an auction-style system. Can you elaborate on how this system works, and how you help clients find the right lawyer for them?

The auction-style system is what enables the platform to be quick and efficient in terms of price/quality ratio. Real-time offers come from several lawyers that go to the clients. Lawyers then receive several tasks from clients that they can choose from, and clients get many offers to consider. also leverages AI to divide the tasks based on the content of the legal question itself. This means that our AI qualifies the legal area automatically instead of a client, and considers the background of the lawyers well.

Currently, it’s torture for a client to find the right lawyer by themselves. First of all, people don’t know whether one case or another has a legal remedy. Second of all, just searching for a lawyer to meet your needs may take days or weeks, or even months, and you’re still not able to qualify the legal question in the meantime. With it takes minutes. You can compare a variety of different offers coming from screened lawyers that suit your needs based on the contents of your legal question. This is the reason why LEGID applies this auction style system – it’s fast, efficient and all in real-time.

How would you explain to your grandmother? is an internet site, where you can ask any legal question you have and get a quality answer in minutes for an affordable price. You post a question, LEGID lawyers read the question and make a price offer to you. All you have to do next is choose the price offer/lawyer that you like most.

What clients do you service and what is your primary target market? best suits anyone, but particularly those who travel, do international business, digital nomads, freelancers, expats, etc. who live or work in foreign countries. They are not fully aware of their legal rights, and it is difficult for them to find a lawyer in a foreign country. During our test phase, we experienced many questions from this target audience. Imagine you are abroad, and you are an expat, and you have some sort of legal dispute. Further, you have no idea what your rights are or where to ask for help. That’s when you would open, ask your legal question, and would have the rest covered. It takes all but 5 clicks of a button for us to service our clients’ needs. also focuses on individual lawyers, consultants, and sole practitioners, where enables them to form teams for complex jobs. According to our customer development studies, we understood that this segment really needed our product. This is because big law firms focus on corporate transactions, corporate clients, and are too big and busy to need our product for now. So, caters to solo practitioners instead. However, in the future is going to offer big law firms a tool to participate in tenders to make the process easy and comfortable for them. We focus not only on this target market, but it was one of the most popular audiences.

In summary, focuses on individual clients and SMEs because in terms of business, this is the biggest segment within the legal industry that hasn't been taken yet. When it comes to SMEs, focuses on them because these are repeat clients. During our test phase, we learned that nomads or expats (individuals in general) may ask legal questions once or twice. However, an entrepreneur running an SME would come back to several times to ask questions. This is because the entrepreneur may have some business issues, immigration issues, or something in that sphere.

Do you have any competitors in Estonia and abroad, and if so, what gives a competitive advantage? has several competitors in Estonia and abroad. For example, UpCounsel has been a dominant force in the USA, but big law firms haven’t made it easy for them to operate. In addition, LegalZoom and LegalMatch in the US are competitors, but since they are only focused on the US market, we don’t have much to worry about, as we are focused on Europe. With regards to more serious competitors, Rocket Lawyer is one of them. The company is present in the US and in three European countries, but their niche is providing document automation services (ready-made legal documents). Because of this, their ask-a-lawyer services aren't really comparable to ours, and so can still remain competitive. In Estonia we have HUGO.Legal, which is a law firm that is trying to become a tech company. The company employs 30 lawyers who provide their services using the platform. The difference for us is that LEGID does not hire lawyers on a salary; instead, LEGID partners with them and are focusing on gathering solo practitioners, e.g., individual entrepreneurs or one-person law firms) and enabling them to provide their legal services using is a lawyer in your pocket. It’s a low friction, easy to use experience. You just open and write a question. will do the rest of the work. takes care of the quality of our services, and it is ensured by expert lawyers in every country, where LEGID has quality control partners. What’s more, in just 5 clicks the question is sent to the right legal professional based on the content of the legal question. provides a service that no other app or platform can match. In just a few taps, enables you to talk to a local expert, in your language, wherever you’re located.

What is your monetization strategy, and how do you plan to attract investments?

LEGID just began the process of raising funds. is participating in different competitions and summits, and is applying to VCs and angel investors. We haven’t finalized any agreements, however there are a few funds, angel investors and accelerators that are interested and we are in talks with them. We are planning a big launch in the end of May/beginning of June with a wide marketing campaign, which can be really game-changing for us in terms of raising funds.

For instance, is participating in TechChill, which is a major Baltic tech startup competition. is in the top 50, and in top 10 for AI startups out of about 300 startups.

What are your future ambitions for

Our plan is to launch in Europe first and then to extend into the Mideast and Africa markets. Our general plan entails empowering solo practitioners, people-centric positioning, and quality and affordable access to justice. That’s why LEGID is going to create legal education programs in order to make our product widely available, and to enable people to turn to legal help as much as possible. Our customer development studies showed us that people are struggling, and are afraid to ask for legal help because they are afraid of being overcharged. Ultimately, would like to become the go-to legal assistance app that comes to one’s mind when one needs help with any legal matters.

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