Gen Z Are AI Natives. What Do They Want?

Gen Z exhibits an interesting digital characteristic in that we are labeled as the first true AI native generation. This is because we were raised alongside the development of artificial intelligent technologies and have come to absorb their effects through settings like academics and entertainment. Our maturation alongside artificial intelligence has prompted us to augment our digital-first mentality with an expectation of artificial intelligence integrations. So what do the AI natives have in store for us?

First of all, AI natives only recognize a future in which companies champion the AI-driven approach, and this approach in turn helps build a people-oriented society. As per my Gen Z peers:

“We have this amazing tech called AI, and every single company should be thinking AI-first in any solution that they are working on developing. I couldn’t envision myself being employed at a company that wasn’t an AI company. There would be something backwards with that.”

“Our future is Artificial Intelligence, there’s no doubt about that. It’s just like when we were growing up with computers and Play Stations. AI is going to become an everyday part of our life, and because of this, it needs to help us first.”

To conclude, it is very clear that AI natives are focused on AI for welfare and AI for human good above all, and not the implementation of AI for wealth aggregation. As Gen Z enters the workforce, this holistic mindset will alter the manner in which firms think about AI solutions, and will drive them to become pioneers in the sector of elevating the human experience.

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