How AI Can Help Gen Z With Social Justice Activism

Social Justice has grown in importance over 2020, and into 2021. The events of civil unrest and a widening gender gap, among other issues, have placed a larger emphasis on social inclusion and mobilization in society. What has also been realized as of recent is the massive potential of AI to do social good and to enhance human status. Channeling the importance of social justice as a core pillar is Gen Z. Our generation is a highly activist generation that seeks to leverage technologies like AI to help executive social justice objectives, and help disparaged and disenfranchised communities around the world.

Let’s look at some key facts:

  • 88% of Gen Z in the US care deeply about social issues. (YouGov)

  • 90% of Gen-Z respondents to a recent poll strongly favor BLM and what they see as social justice (Forbes)

  • About 70% of young people in Gen Z want an activist government (Pew Research Center)

With these statistics in mind, Gen Z might as well be called the “Activist Generation” on the planet. After riots and protests over unlawful police acts conducted in 2020, Gen Z flocked to the streets––literally––to march for change and social justice, and were able to quickly and efficiently organize themselves thanks to technology. Gen Z has leveraged tech and AI to quickly deploy activism programs.

According to Pew Social Trends, 97% of Gen Z use one or more social networks. Via these networks in 2020, Gen Z had access to real-time information pertaining to civil unrest, and could thus rapidly organize and gather in droves at an unprecedented scale. Short-form video apps like TikTok and instant updates from apps like Twitter enabled Gen Z to quickly capture important bits of information in their fight for protecting human rights. In combination with artificial intelligence, it is not hard to see how such technologies can serve as a potent mechanism for enabling social justice initiatives.

With Gen Z, the sky’s the limit on human impact if artificial intelligence and technology are utilized properly. With time, we will experience the extraordinary strides in social justice thanks to the digital-forward nature of this generation.

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