How Gen Alpha Is Reshaping Human Interaction With AI

The current generation of humans is using technology in their daily lives more than any other human generation before them. The most notable information and communications technologies that have been integrated in everyday life are mobile phones, the internet and social media platforms, which provide convenience, productivity and entertainment to its users. However, the next generation of humans, Generation Alpha, is predicted to become even more technology reliant. This is because Generation Alpha will be born into a society that uses technology as their main method for receiving and sending information.

Gen Alpha will have access to portable smart computers or wearable devices from birth which can be expected to hold an extensive amount of information. This is not only because of the sheer amount of information that humans produce, but also due to the amount of sensors and observation methods available. Generation Alpha will be born into a world where risk assessment, identification and management have become more simple for solve complicated scenarios through machine learning techniques. Gen Alpha will also have access to technology which allows them to interact with the world in more advanced ways. For instance, virtual reality technology allows them to experience and interact with artificial worlds in a real way instead of through a screen or interface. Artificial Intelligence provides machines with human-like intelligence, allowing for machine learning which is still being developed. Gen Alpha will be able to use this technology from an early age and further develop and improve its capacity through interaction with it.

Gen Alpha will also be exposed to technology that was designed with different goals in mind than the current generation of humans has been exposed to. For example, wearable devices such as Google Glass were designed first for productivity purposes before being adapted for entertainment and other uses. This can be argued as an improvement on the current generation's use of technology, as it provides more functionalities that promote productivity, which is needed in an increasingly competitive world.

Gen Alpha will also be exposed to virtual reality at a younger age than their predecessors have been. This raises questions about the appropriateness and safety of exposing children to this type of technology at such a young age. As virtual reality technology continues to develop, its applications will diversify and adults are likely to adopt them in their everyday lives as well.

An argument against Gen Alpha's increased reliance on technology is the potential health risks of being so reliant on these devices. However, it can be argued that the potential negative effects of using too much technology are outweighed by the advantages that it can have on productivity. One way this issue could be solved is through the introduction of better technology to improve its uses in a safe and healthy manner.

Gen Alpha's use of technology is increasing rapidly, thus reshaping human interaction with AI. However, as technology develops further, more solutions will be found to increase productivity while promoting healthy use of technology in the daily lives of humans.

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