Rising Tech Hubs You've Never Heard Of

"You know you're a tech hub when… " is a phrase that often comes up in conversations about the state of various startup scenes. Most people generally think of Silicon Valley as the only real tech hub, though a lot of other regions have been rising in recent years with their own thriving communities. Here are five rising tech hubs you may not have heard of.

Reno, Nevada

The Reno-Sparks metro area has seen a 66% increase in the number of startup companies over the last five years and it now has the second most startups per capita in America. Though many people may think this is because of Tesla's presence (CEO Elon Musk made an effort to bring it to the state), the truth is that there were already many technology companies in Reno before Tesla's arrival. One major draw of Reno for tech entrepreneurs is it's low cost of living and high quality of life, as well as its proximity to some incredible outdoor activities such as skiing and hiking.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Despite its reputation as a center for many traditional industries, Salt Lake City has been a major hub for the tech industry. The area is home to companies like Adobe and Overstock.com; it also accounts for 25% of the investment in startups in Utah. A recent report found that Salt Lake ranked third on Forbes' list of best cities for job growth this year, and the population is expected to grow by 2.24%, or 31,400 people in 2017.

Portland, Oregon

Though it may be a relatively small startup scene, Portland has been growing rapidly and made several appearances on lists of top cities for startups. The state provides incentives for early stage companies that encourage entrepreneurs to get their businesses off the ground in Oregon, and it's also home to several highly ranked universities that tend to produce graduates who are drawn to the city.

Nashville, Tennessee

A recent study found that Nashville has one of the most active startup scenes in the south. Though it might not be thought of as a tech center like nearby Austin, many big companies have offices there including Panasonic, Nestlé and GE. In fact, Nashville has had a tech job growth rate of 37% over the last four years.

Seattle, Washington

Though it's known more for being an established tech hub than a rising one, Seattle is still having some major success stories with startups. The city is home to companies like Zillow, Redfin and Expedia. Though the city has a strong presence of established companies, it's also growing quickly with a population increase of 2.9% each year.

To conclude, startup scenes are growing all over the country, and this list barely scratches the surface of the places that people should be paying attention to. It's also important to note that the nation is still dominated by Silicon Valley in terms of venture capital invested in startups, but it hasn't always been this way. As time goes on, many expect to see these other regions rise even more and start being considered part of "the next Silicon Valley."

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