Snapchat, Google Follow TikTok’s Short-Form Video Revolution

Make no mistake–short-form video is the way of the future's content.

There’s no question about it: TikTok is huge. The platform has been downloaded 1.5 billion times, and has blown up all over the world, growing with an army of over 700 million daily active users. TikTok exemplifies the push towards “micro-entertainment,” or capturing the attention of users via short-form videos that span just seconds in length. As a result of TikTok’s success, big names in social media like Snapchat and even Google have decided to embrace the short-form video mania, which is now a more lucrative industry than ever before.

So what are Snapchat and Google up to? Snapchat has entered the short-form video game with its Bitmoji TV,” a feature that will enable users to star their bitmojis in animated TV episodes/series on a weekly basis. Snapchat believes that this short-form video approach to entertainment will boost engagement rates on the platform, as 70% of its daily active users have bitmojis. Moreover, this new Snapchat trend has the potential to prompt more overall user downloads if the hype catches.

Next in line we have Google––more precisely, Google’s Area 120 (its personal incubator), is launching a creativity-focused, short-form video application called Tangi. The aim of Tangi is solely education over entertainment; however, it is not unreasonable to suspect that TikTok’s vast success with short-form video content piqued Google’s interest, leading them to take on this project. Videos on Tangi can last for up to 60 seconds, with 45 seconds being the average video length. Given that there aren’t yet any educational short-form apps, Tangi puts Google at a first-mover advantage for this specific sub-niche in micro-entertainment.

Long story short, if TikTok wasn’t around in the first place, companies like Snapchat and Google probably wouldn’t have pursued the aforementioned projects. Moreover, it's interesting to witness how TikTok established itself as a serious social media presence only after it was made fun of for months on end by competitors, who thought it was pure childsplay. One thing’s for certain: the deniers were all fools, and now Snapchat is eating TikTok’s lunch. Make no mistake–short-form video is the way of the future's content.

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