Top 10 Estonian AI PropTech Companies

Estonian AI PropTech companies are some of the world's most advanced. These Top 10 PropTech solutions prove the point.

1. R8tech

R8tech takes building technical management to the next generation by adding Artificial Intelligence on top of existing automation system. Our solution enables clients to take intelligent and automated control over their HVAC (Heating-Ventilating-Air Cooling) systems 24/7 and achieve energy costs savings and CO2 emission reduction up to -20%

together with a better indoor comfort and improve HVAC transparency and stability with novel fault diagnostics features. R8tech ensures that buildings are heated, cooled and ventilated at the right time, with the right amount of energy as our AI engine takes account the constant fluctuations of visitors, weather and energy market prices.

2. Remato

Remato is all-in-one & mobile-first platform to seamlessly manage projects, people and assets. Budget estimating & task planning, field communications & work tracking, real-time overview & automated reports.

3. Rendin

Rendin is a long-term home renting service that replaces security deposits and guarantees rental income.

4. Hausing

HAUSING is a management and communication platform, which specializes in the real estate market in Estonia and other Baltic States.

5. Moderan Solutions

Moderan is an online software for commercial real estate lease lifecycle management and asset reporting. So easy, any team can start using it in a day. Get your lease and property information organised. Save time with automated reports and make sure no deadline is missed.

6. Creatomus Solutions

Creatomus is an online application in 3D that allows the end user to customise their future home, while keeping them updated about the performance indication and the cost of building.

7. Consorto

B2B online marketplace for European commercial real estate that integrates AI-driven deal-matching with deal-flow automation. Connecting sellers, brokers and professional investors worldwide.

8. Planyard

Budget management and job costing software for large-scale construction.


Larva is a complete automation and integration solution

with intuitive control, property management software, open APIs and components.

Suitable for commercial properties/buildings. Our components can be used in small- and large-scale automation systems and for developing cross-platform applications.

10. SecureBadger

Securebadger provides small-scale rental real estate investors liquidity by buying up their rental contracts.

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