Top 10 Estonian AI Startups Third Edition

These Estonian AI startups are providing innovative solutions from autonomous AI bartending to supply chain, crypto and influencer marketing.

1. CogniSpot

Estonian AI Startup CogniSpot is a support management and counselling platform for schools, kindergartens, and families to help them take a personalised approach to children's mental and academic development.

2. Cleveron

The mission of Estonian AI Startup Cleveron is to make sending and reception of parcels as effective, fast, convenient and favorably priced as possible by offering the modern technology based solutions. Cleveron’s goal is to provide the clients with clearly measurable value by using its products, which will ensure a pay-off to the investment.

3. Speakly

Estonian AI Startup Speakly combines science and computational algorithms to teach you the 4000 most statistically-relevant words of your target language.

4. Clipman

Estonian AI Startup Clipman is a software tool used to create product videos in just minutes that boost e-commerce marketing and drive sales. It provides insights so businesses can take their marketing game to the next level. The suite consists of a software tool and a training course, which will take your hand and walk you through all step to produce and rank a

professional and high-converting video ads.

5. Vumonic Datalabs

Estonian AI Startup Vumonic provides market tracking and competitive intelligence to the world's leading online sellers. Vumonic's core backend technology allows for highly precise and real-time market insights, which give strategic teams unfair advantages against their competition.

6. Feelingstream

Estonian AI Startup Feelingstream LEADstream platform is an AI solution that analyses and provides an overview of large volumes of customer interactions across multiple communication channels (calls, chat/voicebot, emails, NPS). The platform delivers real-time customer insight relevant for various functions across an organization - c-level, business/product development, customer service quality, sales, and analytics. Feelingstream helps users locate critical business opportunities that ultimately help businesses become more efficient, boost revenue and keep customers satisfied.

7. Modash

Estonian AI Startup Modash, an influencer marketing platform, is providing a end-to-end solution for influencer marketing. We are shifting the influencer market from experimental budget to the 100B dollar performance ad market. To do this, we offer unique tools like audience targeted influencer search and are the only platform to provide conversion rate attribution for

influencer marketing.

8. CoinLoan

Estonian AI Startup CoinLoan is a crypto lending platform, where anyone can issue and get a loan backed by crypto-collateral. Our platform is a meeting point for borrowers who seek to leverage their crypto-assets without selling them and lenders who wish to earn competitive interest with minimal risks.


Estonian AI Startup YANU is the world's first Fully autonomous A.I. and robot empowered bartending unit. It serves drinks, handles payments, identifies and communicates with clients.

10. Elcogen

Estonian AI Startup Elcogen is a manufacturer of efficient and high-performance fuel cells to help enable a clean energy future.

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