We Don't Value Our Elders Enough

My grandparents have always been an essential part of my life. They are a wealth of knowledge, from physics to engineering, math to history–––a mass of information akin to the Library of Congress or museum archives. The older generation has more experience than you could possible imagine, you "ok Boomer" joking Millennial. Is it not ironic, then, that the most well-informed, experienced segment of our population is considered to be the generation that provides the least value to society? I beg to differ.

The issue with younger generations is that we think that the old are "outdated" in the capacity that they lack the ability to use technology. Well, pardon my French, but have any of the super young educated morons out there even attempted to educate the elders in functional technology use? And no, I don't just mean typing shit into Google. *Crickets*. That's what I thought. So, if we are completely neglecting to educate the old, then of course the young will continue to view them as inept and valueless! And by the way, for any of you entrepreneurs out there, the elder-tech/ed-tech market... it's huge. VCs would crap their pants and faint into an IPO-fueled wet dream if they realized how enormous the revenue potential is when it comes to upskilling/reskilling older generations.

And let me just say, to all of you out there who "value humanity" and want to "make the world a better place," you sure are showing some respect by neglecting to value everything that generations prior produced and sacrificed in order to build the incredible world you live in today. They shed blood, sweat, and tears in order for your spoiled behind to own a $1000 dollar iPhone 11.

The bottom line is, just because you are young and know what AI is doesn't mean that you can automatically discount the older generation for being “stupid”. If you do, you are a fool. And if we as a society gave our elders a chance, and tried to actually educate them, they would also learn how to adapt to tech, and their previous knowledge could even augment it. If experience is so valued in society, then why do we neglect those of us who have the most? It makes no sense.

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