What Do Gen Z Entrepreneurs Think About AI Social Innovation?

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Gen Z sees AI as a huge plus for social innovation.

Social innovation has received significant attention over the last couple of years. According to the World Economic Forum, Social Innovation is defined as "The application of innovative, practical, sustainable, market-based approaches to benefit society in general, and low-income or underserved populations in particular." However, what does Gen Z think about social innovation, especially in the context of AI? Below, I provide some insights so that enterprises and governments can better understand where Gen Z stands in this domain.

"Social innovation is the rule now, rather than the exception. When you build a company, what first comes to mind? The people! You exist to service and add value to your clients. And social innovation is inherently human-centric in nature. Adding AI to the equation (if used correctly), will help companies even more in the effort to maximize value."

– Jonathan Sirotin, Former Founder, Alpine Esports & Gen Z Sustainability Leader

"Gen-Z is approaching this rapidly changing landscape with a diverse, multifaceted approach that will subsequently integrate every aspect of AI and digitalization into the broader fabric of our modern economy."

– Ben Fink, Futurist

"I think that the combination of AI and the Digital Native generation is a seamless one. We have a really good handle of these technologies, and it makes it much easier to create companies with AI that do social good."

– Gabi Feygin, Founder, Lightbulb Tutors

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