What Will Gen Z Parenting Look Like? Part Two

In part one of this series, I explored the concept of the entrepreneurial household and the education/career expectations of Gen Z parents. In the second part of this series, however, I will focus on the digital household and social impact as a major component of Gen Z parenting.

Digital Household

Unlike previous generations that shunned the use of technology in the house as a "distraction away from family time," Gen Z parents will encourage their children to utilize the latest technologies from IoT to AI, and learn alongside them as well. Because Gen Z was born into an era of digital transformation (the early 2000s and the coming of the internet and social networks), and because their children will also be experiencing a similar wave of digitalization, Gen Z parents will be able to understand the digital shift that their children are undergoing as a result of their previous experience. This means that for the first time in history, families will gather beside a "digital fireplace" (i.e–gaming experiences, AR/VR, AI-driven at-home experiences), and parent and child will finally speak the same language. Hence, there will be no digital divide in the Gen Z household.

Social Impact

Making a positive impact on the world is a key principle for Gen Z. Therefore, Gen Z parents will expect their children to participate in social impact causes that will help elevate society and promote a true human-centric digital framework. Gen Z will also raise their children to understand the benefit of social impact and how it serves as a feedback mechanism as part of the "support economy" in which human welfare is prioritized.

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