Why Do Kids, Teens, and Twenty-Something's Love Short Form Video Content So Much?

TikTok is hot, Vine's new face, Byte, has surpassed one million downloads on the app store, and all of this short form video craze has prompted companies like Google to hop onto this new content trend bandwagon. But what is fueling this phenomenon? Why does the younger demographic love this form of content so much? Here's my theory.

Social media is a very quick informational endeavor for us younglings. We scroll through our Instagram feeds like rapid fire, pausing for a few seconds at most to absorb the videos and images that our screens project at us. Our desire is to interact with visual information quickly, and we required a constant stream of stimulus to keep us engaged.

That is precisely why platforms like TikTok serve as the perfect engagement mechanism. There is always something new that we can stumble upon on TikTok thanks to its discovery feature, and the platform's moving videos keep our eyes peeled to our phones.

We also love short form video content because it gives us an opportunity to get creative and share funny music videos of ourselves or self-manufactured memes that we can share with our friends. Older demographics do not understand the concept of memes as a method of socialization. However, for us kids, memes provide another source of community interaction because it is content that directly relates to our lives or our surrounding circumstances, and thus, keeps us engaged.

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