Why Does Gen Z Love Sweden?

According to the 2019 Generation Z City Index, Sweden ranks 4th globally on the list of countries that are prepared for Gen Z’s digital needs. Moreover, Sweden is viewed as an idyllic utopia for the young, who are quick to be swept away in its expansive Fjords and lush greenery, within which resides some of the world’s most generous benefits, from healthcare to excellent internet, and incredible childcare services. These attractive features have transformed Sweden into a Gen Z magnet. Let’s dive into this a little deeper.

The combination of Sweden’s advanced digital infrastructure, community-oriented society, progressive culture, and social entrepreneurial leadership, are dynamics that grasp the attention of Gen Z. First of all, instant connectivity is a prerequisite for the Gen Z environment. According to Millennial Marketing, for this generation, “Hyperconnectivity is… the first way to engage and build relationships.” As a result of our birth into a time of great digitalization, hyperconnectivity is an expectation, and it is our second nature. Moreover, According to the Google Index for Readiness for Digital Lifelong Learning: IRDLL, “Sweden is a European leader in education and digitalisation, which contribute to its high performance.” These facts underline that Sweden serves as a model environment that embodies the Gen Z digital first approach.

Alluding upon previous articles that I have written, it is clear that the human-centric mindset and inclusive cultural framework are imperative characteristics of Gen Z preferences. Sweden’s emphasis on societal welfare greatly appeals to this generation, as we understand that an inclusive mindset serves as the foundation for building the future AI-driven, people-oriented ecosystem. Building upon inclusivity and human good, Sweden also wins the heart of Gen Z because of its advanced social entrepreneurship environment.

Indeed, Sweden has its very own national £13m funded social enterprise strategy. The objective of the strategy is to encourage “a sustainable society through social entrepreneurship and social innovation.” Moreover, according to Pioneers Post, “Sweden has both a long tradition of social engagement and an established view that the state and public sector are responsible for social welfare.” The nation also champions a Center for Social Entrepreneurship in Sweden (CSES), which is the country’s first incubator specifically made for social entrepreneurs. According to organization itself, “The mission of CSES is to stimulate and support the advance of social innovation in order to promote the development of new companies and organizations that solve pressing social problems.” For Gen Z, the only kind of entrepreneurship should be social entrepreneurship, and Sweden’s forwardness in this approach is a factor that resonates with this generation.

To conclude, Sweden’s drive in social innovation, mature digital infrastructure, and human-centric framework are reasons why Gen Z looks up to this nation. Lastly, countries of the world can learn a thing or two from Sweden’s emphasis on social impact in the building of tomorrow’s Gen Z economy.

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