Why Not Turn University Bootcamps Into Micro-specializations?

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Become an expert in FinTech in 24-weeks, anyone?

Recently, I saw an advertisement for a University of Minnesota bootcamp that went something along the lines of: “Become an expert in FinTech in 24-weeks.” There and then, it suddenly hit me that universities are providing specialization tracks; however, they are not yet considered “degrees” in themselves. So, the question then begs, since there is already a structure in place, faculty to teach, and fluid administration of these bootcamp courses, why not simply transform them into MicroDegree or Specialty Degree programs?

Based on my previous writings, I have already mentioned exhaustively that the next generation needs desperate reskilling and upskilling in very niche domains within AI, IoT, and the likes. In our ever fast-changing world, 4-years is too long a time to gain a specialized education. What we need is to churn out many highly skilled individuals quickly, and that is what these bootcamps are providing.

Here is an example overview of the FinTech Bootcamp at the UMN:

But that’s not all… the program’s curriculum guarantees students will graduate knowing the following skills:

If students are able to gain that many skills in just 24 weeks, bootcamps have suddenly become much more attractive than a general university undergraduate education experience. I propose that universities begin the process of transforming bootcamps into legitimate degree programs, and help accelerate our goals as a nation in building a highly skilled workforce that can compete in the new digital global economy.

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