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Kellogg's MorningStar brings out Incogmeato to woo flexitarians, and Disney is set to launch 400 alternative food options that are plant based––not vegan.

Because something new happens in the plant based food scene basically every day, I've decided to launch a weekly plant based food news roundup to keep you up to date on the industry's latest doings. This week's news brings two main stories–– the main proponents being MorningStar and Disney.

1. MorningStar wants to persuade flexitarians with new plant based food options

MorningStar (owned by Kellogg), which is well known for its mediocre veggie burgers and cracker-like bacon strips, is hoping to attract a wider customer-base by wooing flexitarians with its newest plant based food brand-line, Incogmeato. (According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, a flexitarian is "one whose normally meatless diet occasionally includes meat or fish.") As part of Incogmeato, the company will launch three different plant based products, including sausages and patties. In light of these developments, MorningStar's general manager for plant based protein, Sara Young, stated:

“There’s a loyal vegetarian and vegan consumer that loves MorningStar Farms’ wide portfolio [of options for] breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s designed to delight the flexitarian consumer who is seeking a more meatlike experience."

2. Disney to provide more plant based food options meant for everyone (not just the vegans in the room)

Disney has a number of meal options for its vegan visitors, but now, one of America's greatest attractions is looking to improve its plant based game by appealing to a wider audience. Indeed, the park has introduced measures to supply its customers with some 400 new plant based food options. However, Disney doesn't want vegans alone to salivate over these meals: the park also wants you, the non-vegan/non-vegetarian, to enjoy each bite of alternative meat goodness!

Disney also wants to disassociate itself from catering just to the veganism trend, and instead, wants to align itself with the broader plant based food genre. According to Cheryl Dolven, a manager in the food and beverage health and wellness space at the park, “Most research shows that the word ‘vegan’ appeals to vegans but the trend is much broader than that. Plant-based’ is much more broadly appealing."

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