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Justine Zwerling

London Stock Exchange Group

“Angelica Sirotin shines a light wherever she goes. She has developed a unique ability to tap into digital trends and insights which resonate with the public and private sector. A brilliant mind and wonderful person that I am honored to have in my network.”

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Yossi Ben Shitrit

Strategic Advisor to the Consul General of Israel in Shanghai

“Angelica is a unique and entrepreneurial character who manages to sweep and overcome the gaps of generations and cultures, which is critical for international business in the world of innovation and in general. With quick and wonderful determination, Angelica is able to pinpoint goals, set expectations, and achieve results. Businesses rise and fall on interpersonal relationships and cultural gaps, and Angelica serves as an important and professional bridge between all parties.”

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Victor Gaxiola

Co-Founder, TechGirl Financial Podcast

“Angelica is a leading voice of her generation providing deep insights on what differentiates and motivates them as consumers, employees, and citizens. As the first truly digital native population we would all benefit from the contributions Angelica brings on Gen Z, who are reshaping our daily lives and are pioneering changes that will define the future.”


Joe Kaplan

CMO, Nest Global Solutions

“As someone who has been involved with Innovation & Insights for over 35+ years, I truly appreciate the value that Angelica delivers for individuals and enterprises. Angelica is keenly aware of how to bridge the generational gap, providing valuable information to all audiences. I am proud to be a part of Angelica's world, and I look forward to continued collaboration!”